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Promotional ToolBox

Use these tools for your promotional efforts. Below you will find scripts, templates, and offers

Images, Tik Toks, and Reels

Click here to gain access to your approved promotional images. This gets updated with new images depending on special promotional opportunities. Use this when promoting the $1 trial offer, and other FCU offers:

If you want to earn the most, here are some #protips:

  • Post reels to gain exposure quickly
  • Post your link in your Instagram, Tik Tok, and Facebook Bio for easier accessibility
  • Use bit.ly to track your link clicks and visits
  • Be consistently sharing.
  • Share stories from the Wall of Love (don’t forget to add yours too)!
  • Send 10 people a day people to the playbooks and case study videos, and let the videos do the explaining for you.
  • Goal: 10 a day press play!

>> Access the promo image vault


Use the approved scripts to start your promotional efforts.