Learn how to repair your credit like a pro!

There has never been a better time in history to start repairing your credit. Why? Because with good credit you’re afforded the benefits of lower rates, instant approvals, and better deals- which will save you money, stress and financial frustration over your lifetime.

That’s why this course is packed with credit repair methods, strategies, and resources to get you on the fast-track to better credit scores. In this course you will learn:

  • The history of credit and how it became an important part of our financial system.
  • How to pull, read, and understand your credit reports and scores.
  • Understanding your consumer rights, and leveraging them to repair your damaged credit.
  • How to tackle negative accounts on your credit that are lowering your scores.
  • How to rebuild excellent credit scores.
  • And lastly, how to protect your credit for the future.

This course includes dispute and score trackers, dispute letter templates, and a list of tools that will make it easier to repair bad credit for good.

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